Top 7 must read Adventures for 2016

By T.L. Jones …

Here are 10 Action-Adventure must reads with treasure hunting themes, though not all will be listed under action-adventure in your favorite book store:

New books in Advanture

Top 7 Adventure books to read in 2016 New Books in Adventure

Peter and
the Band of PiratesBook 1 of
A Band of Pirates Expedition and The Neverland Quest

A classic treasure hunting story and a Peter Pan Prequel series

Peter and the Band of Pirates - Kindle eBook

Peter and the Band of Pirates – Kindle eBook – Adventure, Coming of Age, Pirates, Historical, Sea Stories, Women’s

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Band of Pirates: Buccaneer Island - Amazon VOD

Band of Pirates: Buccaneer Island – Amazon VOD

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Orchid Treasure Hunt


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The Curiosity Keeper


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The Shell Collector


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Girl’s Sea/Fairy Adventure


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Natural World Adventures of David Quammen


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a Quest to glimpse the love and courtship rituals of the world’s rarest creatures


A natural world video adventure


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Waterfalls of Kauai (video on demand) captures Kauai’s natural beauty from off the beaten path waterfalls, to her beaches and wildlife, including a rare glimpse at of playful baby Monk Seal.


1. Peter and the Band of Pirate

by Bruce Mercury and T.L. Jones

(#1 in A Band of Pirates Expedition and The Neverland Quest series)

Peter and the Band of Pirates definitely fits the action-adventure genre and is  a classic treasure hunting story and so much more.  It is also the first book in the series A Band of Pirates Expedition and The Neverland Quest.

In Peter and the Band of Pirates, William Peter Guthrie is an ordinary boy, full of curiosity and determination, who lives with two strong and inspiring women, his older sister Lydia and Cousin Molly. The three enjoy a mostly idealistic life in the country, near London, if it weren’t for a couple of problems that threaten to ruin the family…

After a mysterious letter and map arrive, William Peter,  Lydia and Molly mount an expedition to follow the map, hoping the map will lead them to their most valued treasure, which would save them from ruin. First they must find the uninhabited island from the map, then solve the map’s riddle for clues as they follow the trail for treasure. Yet danger follows them and after their ship is attacked by pirates who want the same treasure, the Guthries must summon every ounce of courage they have to stay the course of their noble quest. During their expedition, William discovers many things about himself, showing courage and ingenuity, yet he is forced to be more grown up than a boy his age ought to be. As the story progresses, one begins to see how an ordinary boy, just might one day become, Peter Pan.

Peter and the Band of Pirates, is the first adventure in A Band of Pirates Expedition and The Neverland Quest book series. The series explores the Peter Pan origin story in a series of prequels that imagine who Peter was as a young, clever, bright and oh so curious boy, before Neverland.

Where did Peter come from? Why does he fight pirates? Why can he see fairies? Why does he yearn for a Mother to take care of him and the lost boys? Why does he like stories so much? How did he get to Neverland? Why doesn’t he want to grow up? So many questions, so much to tell…


2. The Forbidden Orchid

by Sharon Biggs Waller

Set in the Victorian era, when discovering new plants and animals from outside Europe was all the rage, The Forbidden Orchid offers an adventure fit for any gardener, lover of orchids and treasure hunt fanatics!  Like Peter and the Band of Pirates in which a mysterious, missing character is also an orchid hunter and explorer, The Forbidden Orchid lets us tag along in the hunt for a rare, highly prized orchid, alongside the story’s father/daughter duo.

Recommend: read Peter and the Band of Pirates first, which is set the 1700’s and highlights plant exhibitions and highly prized orchids, then reading The Forbidden Orchid, as it almost seems that The Forbidden Orchid could have been inspired by Peter and the Band of Pirates story.  Both titles are must reads for any adventure lover nine to 100!

3. The Curiosity Keeper (Treasures of Surrey #1)

by Sarah E. Ladd

The pursuit of a blood-red gem in this romantic tale of woes, partners Jonathan Gilchrist up with the beautiful stranger, Camille Iverness, a shop keeper who holds clues to the Gilchrist family’s missing gem.  Jonathan needs the gem to save his family’s estate, but Camille’s shop is only one stop on the pair’s hunt for the gem that can better both their lives.  When the two souls get caught up in a dangerous treasure hunt for the gem, full of betrayals, greed and curses, a burning love ignites between them, one far brighter than any gem, and each must decide what or who they are willing to risk for their future, love, and happiness.

4. The Shell Collector

by Anthony Doerr

The Shell Collector is a captivating collection of short stories encompassing everyday wonders, unexpected events and the human spirit.  The first story in the collection, The Shell Collector (same as book title) tells the story of everyday treasure hunting by the most unlikely of treasure hunters, (I can’t say more about this treasure hunter, or I’ll spoil the surprise) whose treasure booty turns out to be a death defying cure, for not for one lost soul, but two, or perhaps even the whole world.  Each tale explores human relationships,  interaction between human beings and nature and our undeniable bonds with each other and nature.  I found The Shell Collector to be a spellbinding tale and look forward to reading the book’s additional tales.


5. The Girl Who Circumnavigated Fairyland in a Ship of Her Own Making (Fairyland #1)

This book is on my To Read list as I am quite intrigued by the title – a girl who makes her own ship?  That’s I story I must read!

When September is swept away by a green wind to fairyland, she is forced to go on a treasure hunt for an enchangted Talisman, in an enchanted forest,  demanded by Fairyland’s ruler, the Marquess.  September must find the Talisman, or else, everyone in Fairyland will suffer.  September makes friends on her journey, while learning to use her imagination, wit, and ingenuity to complete her quest and save the folks in Fairyland.

Illustrations by acclaimed artist Ana Juan and is highly recommended by author Neil Gaiman


6.  The Boilerplate Rhino: Nature in the Eye of the Beholder (David Quammen’s essay collections #4)

 A must read collection of adventures for any naturalist, animal lover, endangered species Pinterest pinner …

Boilerplate Rhine is a collection of essays originally published in Outside magazine’s “Natural Acts” column, by columnist David Quammen: these essays chronicle the writer’s adventures throughout the natural world, as the writer sought to learn more about lizards from a lizard guru in Baja, about dangerous snakes from rattlesnake handlers in Texas, about prehistorical history via dinosaurs in a Montana museum and went on a quest to find the perfect Durian fruit in Indonesia … a wonderful collection of non-fiction  hunting tales, from an everyman’s point of view.

7. The Rarest of the Rare: Vanishing Animals, Timeless Worlds

Another must read non-fiction natural world adventure, this time, from a women treasure hunter … Diane Ackerman knows no boundaries as she goes on a quest to find and study the love and courtship rituals of the world’s rarest creatures:
monarch butterflies, short-tailed albatrosses, monk seals and golden lion tamarin monkeys:  Treasure hunting across the globe, from the rain-forests of the Amazon, to a rare animal habitat of an island off Japan, nothing will keep Ackerman from her quest, not broken ribs, nor a beating by angry seal, nor the hardships that go along with hoofing it and camping in the wild just to catch a glimpse of rare beauty, the kind we all recognize instantly when someone like Diane Ackerman shows it to us.  It’s on my To Read list.
As  an award winning nature videographer, I too have camped out in the wild, including on secluded (at least they once were) Kauai, Hawaii’s beaches just to capture a glimpse (with permission from Hawaii’s Wildlife and Fishing agency of course) of Hawaii’s endangered Monk Seals, known only to Hawaii.  It was a true adventure to capture a rare sight of a Momma Monk Seal and her Baby Monk Seal in our nature video Waterfalls of Kauai. Anyone who cares for or observes animals, knows each has a unique personality, just like a human being and this baby Monk Seal was no exception.  While Mamma Monk Seal slept on the beach, baby Monk Seal, (nicknamed “Blimey”) found a way to amuse himself by picking up a stick on the beach, tossing it in the air and catching it, just to toss it back up and catch it again!  We (my filming partner, Bruce Mercury and me, TL Jones) called him Blimey, because mother Monk Seals fatten up before the birth of their offspring, then feed their seal pup for six weeks without feeding themselves during those six weeks.  So Momma starts out plump, but as the six weeks go on, Momma gets thin and baby gets super plump, like a blimp!
Blimey was so big at the end of six weeks, he looked like a blimp with flippers. Between naps, Momma and Blimey took short swims of the beach, as Momma taught Blimey how to find food.  After six weeks, baby is left and ready to take care of himself.  It’s a crash course in survival in the Monk Seal world.  Momma did a great job of preparing Blimey for life in the sea. You can watch Blimey playing on the beach and view Kauai’s most beautiful waterfalls too as Waterfalls of Kauai is available at Amazon Video (streaming rental or download).





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