Excerpt ~ Peter & the Band of Pirates

~ William (William Peter Guthrie) raced into his own bedroom up the hall, threw his armful of items on the bed, grabbed a wooden box from underneath his night table, removed its cover and emptied its contents, being an assortment of boyish toys, onto the bed: a spinning top, a yo–yo, a sling–shot, which he had made himself, a collection of shiny pebbles and glass marbles, a dozen tin soldiers, and a stick of chalk. With the box emptied, he then began stuffing his treasure, which so far, was only the candlesticks he took from the hallway and Lydia’s comb, into the box.

“Every pirate needs a chest for his booty!” he said, excited to be starting a new game with his sister, even if she didn’t know it yet. Problem was … “Fiddlesticks! The candlesticks don’t fit in the box!”

Abandoning his wooden box, William grabbed a pillow, removed its cover then stuffed his treasure into the pillow case, then scooped up the sack and speedily tore out of the room.~


Peter Pan Prequel


Peter and the Band of Pirates

Who was Peter Pan, before he was a boy wonder leading a group of lost boys in Neverland?

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